We do not accept sealed packs or sealed promo cards that are still in the cellophane wrapping of any kind at this time. All cards must be removed prior to shipping to us.

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*The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA. We understand you will not know the true value of the item until it has been graded, so we ask that you form a realistic, educated estimate based on your own research, keeping in mind that the Declared Value acts as a maximum value for shipping insurance purposes and in the event of a claim related to the item. It is important that you spend the time, utilize the available resources, and take the necessary steps to accurately estimate the Declared Value. PSA reserves the right to decline your Declared Value and to require you to pay for the accurate Service Level as a condition of completing the authentication and grading process. For more information regarding Declared Value, refer to the FAQ on PSA's website.


Includes shipping from Dave & Adam's Europe to PSA, back to Dave & Adam's Europe and back to the customer.

Rates are calculated at a base price of €35 (UPS) and €20 (In-Store Pickup) up to a total quantity of 10 cards, plus €0.50 for each additional card.

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Insurance is included up to €100. For every €100 after, €1.20 will be added to the shipping cost.

Turnaround times begin when your cards arrive in Santa Ana, California, USA and are entered into PSA’s system. Not when they are received by the PSA Submission Center at Dave & Adams.


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For shipping your cards to us, send your submission to: Dave & Adam's Card World EU Neerstraat 10, 6041 KC, Roermond, NL
Shipping with UPS is advised as it is our carrier of choice. We advise against shipping with DHL as they also deliver in the evening and the submission might go to a pick-up point.

As part of making a submission to PSA, PSA Customers must read and affirmatively agree to the following PSA Grading Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) in order to advance through and complete their order as part of the online submission process. PSA Customers agree to abide by this Agreement and further agree that PSA is entitled to rely upon and benefit from this Agreement, as part of the PSA submission process. PSA's Terms & Conditions.